Fragrant Rice

–        Phka Romdoul (Phka Malis) on the global market, has won World’s Best Rice Awards for 2012 and 2013 at TRT World Rice Conferences in Bali and Hong Kong, respectively. With its long lasting natural aroma and tender texture after cooking, Phka Malis has not only won the awards but also won the consumers’ heart with its sales volume increased year-on-year.

Phka Malis has only one crop per year. Being planted in May, it is harvested in October/November, which is the best period to procure Phka Malis rice at the most competitive price due to abundant supplies.

–        Sen Kra Oub (SKO) is a three-month fragrant crop harvested twice or thrice per year. It has uniformed long slender kernels, a distinctive aroma, and sticky when cooked. Many consumers, especially in Asia, prefer Sen Kra Oub to Phka Malis, for its greater stickiness when cooked.

Non-Fragrant Rice

–        Long Grain White Rice is globally grown in many countries including Cambodia. Cambodia produces 2 to 3 crops of Long Grain White Rice every year. The main crop, which is of the highest quality, is harvested in February/March. With its rich soil and good weather condition along with state-of-the-art milling technology, Cambodia’s long grain white rice quality is widely accepted on the global market.